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What are the others saying about Firestone Destination le?

Forums are a good place to harvest reviews and gather information about your purchases. They are more likely to be authentic and completed too. Therefore, its a good idea to check out what are the fellow drivers are saying about Firestone destination le in the discussion forums.

For a start, if you look at forums, user "VeeTec" claims the after switching his Contitracs with Firestone Destination le, it change his whole driving experience. The drivability improves as he felt more comfortable, stable and quiet even compared to a brand new Contitracs tire. After two weeks of usage, it still continues to amaze him as the handling is as good as the 1st day of usage.

It may sound dramatic but he exclaimed that the first day of installation, his family met a harsh thunderstorm on the way back and the road condition was horrible. However, the good traction on Firestone destination le has allowed him to drive his vehicle confidently without sliding or slippage and safety brought his family back home.

Secondly, a quick review by an anonymous in revealed that although the Firestone Destination le is an OEM tire, it has performed remarkably well and the wear on the treads is decent as the grooves are still quite deep even at a mileage of 50,000 miles. It probably is the best OEM tire he has used and it's lucky to get Firestone destination "out of the box".

If you dig deeper on Firestone Destination le using Google, you will see more interesting reviews that gives you an insight into this incredible tire. Given the specifications and technologies involved in the making of this tire, it's no wonder that it has received so many praises in the internet.

Anyway, just in case you don't believe the review, go ahead and take a look at the forum threads here: and

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How does the technologies in Firestone Destination le benefit us?

If you have read my previous post, I talked a lot about the various features of Firestone destination le so this time round I will be talking deeper into the underlying technologies. The UNI-T technology which I was mentioning many times is actually stands for "Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology". It's a combination of various technologies Firestone has developed and incorporated into their line of tires especially Firestone Destination le. Let's take a look what are the technologies.
For a start, they have developed L.L. Carbon which is an advanced form of carbon black which is often used by all tire manufacturers to reinforce the rubber. The L.L. Carbon is make up of molecular structure that resembles grapes and they are chained together firmly. This results in better absorption of stress from wear and tear and the resistance of cracking and chipping.

Secondly, the COCS (Computer Optimized Component System) technology is being used with a computer to determine the perfect combination of surface groove design, materials, internal construction, side wall and many more depending on criteria. The usage of COCS allows the computer to automatically calculate all the "what if" and from the helpful simulations after the calculations, engineers from Firestone are able to design the right tire for every needs.

Lastly, the O-Bead technology is helpful in creating a perfect tire assembly. Without it, the tire would not fit very well to the rim which results in inefficiency of the wheel rotation. Think about it, what one is easier to roll: A rolling egg or a rolling fully-rounded wheel. Many of the tire manufacturers today have overlapped joints where  the ends of the bead meet causing small gaps in between tire and rim. The game changing O-Bead get rids of this problem by using just a single continuous strand of wire and that would effectively create a rounder tire assembly for greater drivability.

As you can see, so many thoughts, energy and efforts are spent into designing Firestone Destination le so that consumers like us can benefit from it. In the next post, I'll be publishing more reviews of Firestone Destination le from various sources.


What goes into the design of Firestone Destination le?

The Firestone destination le was designed to empower light trucks and SUV with the new UNI-T technologies which results in a more comforting and at the same time powerful ride. Let's take a look how does the UNIT-T technologies help the tires. Firstly, it features a 5 degree noise reduction which produces "muting" sound waves to diminish noise when you are traveling in the highway. Being a frequent user of the highway, I love this feature because I don't have to turn my radio volume so high to mute the road noise anymore!

Secondly, the spiral wrap on the tires surface ensure the durability and capability when your vehicle is traveling in high speed as the continuous nylon wrap holds the tire firmly together.

Thirdly, if you travel in wet terrain or tropical countries, the deep circumferential grooves would come in handy as it can efficiently channel water out of the main grooves area to increase resilience to hydroplaning. The open shoulder tread design is also made to facilite the channeling of the water from the deep grooves to the outside the tire. These features would greatly improve traction on wet terrains and handling capabilities on emergencies like hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the number one disaster to avoid so these safety feature are very important.

Lastly, in the bead construction of the Firestone destination le, the O-Bead technology allows the use of a single continuous strand of wire to improve overall comfort. Well you might think, what's the big deal about using a single continuous one? That's where you are wrong. By using a single continuous cable, it eliminates small and unwanted gaps between the tire and rim which results in a firmer tire assembly. It then translates to better drivability and stability.

In the next post, I'll be giving out more detailed info on the technologies of the Firestone destination le so please stay tuned ;)


My personal Firestone Destination le review

I have been using Firestone Destination le on my Tacoma 2005 truck and I'm proud to say that after passing 68,000 miles, it's still performing well. Proof? The tires passed this year's inspection. Anyway, the tread is running out and it's time to get a new set of Firestone destination le.

For the past few years with this increable tire, I'm impressed at the capability to perform at most terrains: highway, snow, dirt and just about everything else. The tread life is awesome as it lasts me close to 70,000 miles with a rotation in the middle of this term.

While I noticed that many people over the internet quickly slammed the Firestone destination le, saying that it has a bad tread life, I would say that it heavily depends on driving patterns. It affects 65% of tread wear and the rest of the 35% depends on wheel alignment and suspension. Some people drive crazily like there's no tomorrow and it's no wonder that these tires would not last. My advice: go easy on the pedal and you can save your tires as well as your precious gas.

Bottom line: Yes, go for it. Where can you get such great tires for $500 a set!

There are many online tire stores selling Firestone Destination for a very affordable price and you can even use a coupon code on it to save even more!


What is Firestone Destination le?

The all new Firestone destination le with Uni-T technology aims to bring performance out of sports utility vehicles and light pickup trucks. Designed with the Firestone's weathergrip tread compound, it's designed to enhance traction in many conditions and terrains including tricky ones like snowy roads. If you look at the cross section of the tire, you will notice that it has a symmetric tread design which has independent blocks to increase performance and at the same time generate noise canceling waves to cancel out all the tire noise. It's made to last as the Firestone destination le has inner steel belts with wrapped nylon to reinforce the strength of the tire and the polyester cord body can help to reduce the impact of bumpy ride, ensuring a smooth one.

It comes with various popular sizes and most importantly it's very affordable at average of $140 per tire. Like other firestone tires, the Firestone destination le comes with 5 years or 50,000 miles tread life warranty. Even if you are not happy about what it can offer, you can ask for a full refund or exchange within 30 days!

Up next, I'll be giving my personal review about this incredible tire so stay tuned!


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